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Buying online has changed the way you should look at business


Buying online trends are everywhere, they are human interaction, a consequence of countless decisions that we make as a community. They are present in the clothing, food and the tech industry, just to name a few, but also in the real estate business. Now, we have developed a diverse number of tools that allow us to measure these phenomena with surprising precision.

One of the most recent trends in real estate is the rapid success of the buying online method.  This is when a company makes an offer for your house in order to be paid within minutes or days only if you accept their proposal. They make an estimation of the final price through a proprietary valuation model, an important factor that makes them able to provide the seller with instant liquidity. That is why the more traditional participants in this sector are struggling so hard to compete with the buying online approach.

How AFTHA takes a traditional approach to real estate leads:

At the AFTHA Program, we like to combine the best of two worlds. First being that technological advancement improve every process of the chain, so it’s best for us to not ignore the benefits of innovation at large. In addition, we understand that some traditional solutions have withstood the test of time. Have a formal chat with a professional qualifier in your area. Allow our strong and organic method to get leads completely based in relationships we have nurtured over time.

With pay at closing measure, a no upfront cost and a no long term contracts approach, our tools work with outstanding effectiveness in the hands of the most diligent realtors nationwide. Want to see it for yourself? Contact us today about how to take advantage of loan ready leads in your area. Sign a referral agreement, call now! (888) 870-5766 or write to

Buying Online Vs. Growing Your Real Estate Business Into a Profitable Partnership

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