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Credit repair referral with the AFTHA Program allows you to leverage your business and allows you to have more free time to generate leads. How common is a good credit score among Americans? That is a good question that realtors make every single year, and it is understandable. Almost anyone would want to know the margin of possibilities before taking risks and making strong decisions, but before we get to the answer let’s get things clear; what is considered an excellent credit score?

According to the Fair Isaac Company, the institution behind most of the following measurements. The average credit score as of Q1 2016 was 699, a short jump from 2009 stats when the number was 686, rise attributed to the financial crisis of 2007-2008. Now, super prime scores are the ones that surpass the 800 mark, and only the 20.4 percent of Americans have it.

Credit Repair Referral Additional Facts

  • More than 45 million (19 percent of Americans) do not have a credit score on file.
  • Nearly 30 percent of Americans check their credit scores a couple of times a year.
  • 36 percent of the population thinks that there is no reason to check their scores.

Knowing that this is not an easy task, we have developed an extraordinary set of tools that go to a great extent in order to analyze your client’s unique position. First, we listen and take notes of any information they can provide, the next step we create a path of support between the client and the credit companies.

Every individual report is different, that is why we take each credit repair referral as a single extraordinary case. Some efforts require brief education and others hard work, but with time and commitment from every member of the team, the goal of financial success will surely come.

A credit score is a lot more than what it may seem. A more in-depth study found that 47 percent of employers check the credit score of a possible future worker. Stats like that reinforce the extremely relevant value of professional help in regards to clients with undesirable reports.

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