In 2019 the dynamism of the housing sector will be slower. Traditionally the sale of real estate falls exponentially in the first months of a new federal administration, which as many people see it, is a crucial time to become the owner of a new property, perhaps the best investment that you can do in your life.

There is nothing more valuable than planning an excellent approach to homeownership, especially for first-time home buyers. Preparing financially involves a systematic process of fundamental steps before making the big decision, you should analyze your financial situation in detail, so you won’t have any setbacks at the time of the acquisition. Take into consideration the following elements:

  • Financial Situation

Before you buy, it is essential to examine your financial situation. The most important thing is to determine the income and capital we have available as a downpayment. Although the interest rates for loans are currently low, obtaining a mortgage is difficult. Banks are becoming more and more demanding in verifying a client’s credit history and even more.

  • Think Like an Investor

Consider the expected return on your investment, the risk, and the term. If you buy to lease the property consider the many details that affect the performance of the asset, such as fewer maintenance expenses and taxes, along with the annual appraisal of the property, this will become its profitability.

  • Seek Pre-Approval of a Credit

By seeking the approval of a bank, the buyer will know his credit rating and the interest rate at which he would obtain a mortgage.  It is imperative that you look for many options from different banks to make a better decision.

  • The House Can be a Retirement Plan

Moving houses can pay dividends. It’s an increasingly common strategy among people approaching the retirement age or those who are already retired. They run into a smaller home and get an income from their rented property.

  • Think Long-Term

Buying a home is a long-term investment.  It is recommended to buy with the prospect of keeping it for five years or more. This time allows you to obtain more significant benefits, whether if you live in it or if you bought it as an investment destined for rent.

AFTHA can help you understand how to go through these programs with the best results in mind. As mentioned above, always think long term, what you are able to accomplish now will also have a huge impact on how your financial future will play out. Contact us now to have a deep understanding of these topics at or call to (888) 870-5766.

Become Financially Prepared to Buy a Home in 2019

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