Impressive, that’s the word used to describe the level of transformation that the real estate industry has enjoyed over the last three years, not only is it easier to access the crucial information on how to buy or sell properties, but it is also quite easy to identify which places are ideal to invest in a new adventure.

The United States is completely full of fascinating, striking and eclectic places to live, work and grow as a person, and many of these locations have great housing opportunities that cannot be ignored. Would you believe me if I told you that there is a real opportunity to own a home for less than $1000 per month? It sounds unrealistic, but the numbers are hopeful, here is a list of some US states with the best options.

  • Cleveland, In the land of the NBA Cavaliers, a house has an average price of $69,500, with a mortgage rate that does not exceed 4.29 percent. Therefore, owning a property in this beautiful city costs around $380 per month.
  • Baltimore, where the average price for houses revolves around $139,900, and they have a mortgage rate of 4.27 percent, making the monthly expenses down to $736 a month.
  • Memphis, The birthplace of rock n’ roll has a low cost of living and a thriving economy, with average prices of $75,000 per house, and a monthly value of $541 per month.
  • Surprise! Toledo, In this town surrounded by inspiring landscapes, houses average $65,800, and a 30-year fixed mortgage rates turn below 4.29 percent, leaving the monthly value of the property at $380.


Remember not to work hard but to work smart, if you don’t have any particular problem in moving to these particular places in order to fulfill your homeownership dream, then do it. Also, it is important to acknowledge the fact that you’ll need some professional help when the time comes, in that way, it’ll be easy for you to focus on the important details while we do the heavy lifting. Want to know how? Contact us now by clicking here!

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