Never in the history of human interaction, we have been so dependant on technology like we are right now in 2019. More than one thousand accounts are created each minute on Facebook, countless new email addresses are starting to operate while you are reading this, and more and more people are getting inside the ring of the world wide web (see internet accessibility worldwide), a clear sign of its relevance in our zeitgeist.

Decades ago, the word “cybersecurity” felt like something out of old futuristic movies, the truth is that right now it is an essential part of our present and the days to come. Data breaches are getting common (sadly), according to Sealpath the probability of experiencing a data breach is 1 of 4, that is why companies spend billions of dollars every year in these methods, in order to protect valuable information that can compromise the lives of thousands if not millions of people.

To give us a clear perspective, just in 2013, Yahoo was the subject of the biggest data breach ever made in history, it is estimated that more than 3 billion users were affected in what appears to be a “state-sponsored crime”. Email addresses, telephone numbers and other important information got in the hands of third-party perpetrators, an event that destroyed Yahoo’s reputation and took $350 million from its total valuation.

The real question here is, what if it happens to you? What can you do if your identity gets stolen? What are the risks? Let me tell you that this is a serious matter that needs to be addressed both personally, and with the help of professionals in the field, let’s dive into it.

What The Experts Recommend

First, we need to recognize what kind of information has been subtracted in order to focus all efforts on monitoring for the following years, I know it sounds awful but constant vigilance is the only long-term solution available at the moment. On the other hand, get in touch with the largest credit companies in the country such as Experian, Equifax or Transunion to report the damages.

Second, call the authorities, whether if it is the police or any government bureau investigating such matters, they will be in charge of advising you in the best way possible, as long as you share all the information you have, it’ll be imperative to expose the case, if not, the results won’t be satisfactory.

Again, a close watch of all your bank accounts, emails and any indication of suspicious activity is always valid and totally on point. Also, there are companies that completely dedicate their efforts to credit monitoring, through them you will be able to protect all your information and also stay alert.

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Your Identity Has Been Stolen? Find Out Exactly What to Do Next

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