In a highly disruptive market as the real estate industry, technological innovations have a lasting impact that can alter methods like in no other business sector. With the advent of the internet, both customers and realtors became more empowered while many more jobs were created in a relatively short span of time since the 1990s.

Right now we are seeing a digital revolution that is spreading throughout the world, coming from startup offices and reaching out to a large number of places online. Knowing where all things might go, we actually need to be more precise at predicting, that is why we at AFTHA gathered various experienced realtors in order to help us know the next 5 trends that are about to change real estate forever, and here they are.

  • Blockchain is Coming


Imagine a world where every transaction is completely safe from harm, in which they can be done quickly and without any hurdles whatsoever, sounds utopic right? It isn’t. With blockchain technology customers will be empowered thanks to its decentralized approach, prepare yourself for more digital agreements, processes and methods.

  • Universal Access


Digital innovations allow more people to create customizable interfaces where anyone can look out for properties, get price alerts, store important documents and so much more. The only requirement will be a good internet connection and a technological device, those days where only the experts and the very wealthy had access to real tools are gone.

  • Countless Solutions


There are an incredible number of options available for you to succeed in the real estate industry, such as SaaS (software as a service) programs that allow realtors to monitor the overall activity with precise measurements that make the whole organization and planning much easier than ever before, while at the same time reducing costs and saving valuable time along the way.

  • Automation


Remember this phrase: “Algorithm-based automation”, widely used on the internet by several content providers as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. These tools combined with deep learning and complex networks are expected to change the real estate industry as we know it, relying more on the mathematically precise side of things, leaving more space for the customer to expand his/her horizons seamlessly.

  • The Realtors Paradox


Experts believe that in less than 20 years the role of the realtor is going to be reduced dramatically, thanks to these technological advancements that make real estate data more accessible to all. We can expect a wide range of new unconventional business models and mediums that can take homebuyers to new levels. Although, agents who provide dedicated one-on-one services will stay for the long game despite all these challenges.

The Real Estate Industry is Evolving: 5 Ways to Stay Ahead

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