Traditional business models are being disrupted by new and innovative forms of interaction between services and clients, the rise of the internet in the 1990s and the high-speed connectivity of this day, allow us to enjoy the many options of the world within the reach of a single click. We as humans never saw anything like it, and this does not seem to stop.

Legal services are not the exception, apart from being one of the oldest careers out there, with the most conventional and rigid structures due to its intrinsic nature, change has come to stay; some say it is for good while many others do not believe in the digital revolution that is happening right now.

One of the most prestigious platforms is LegalShield, founded in 1972 by insurance salesman Harland C. Stonecipher as a new way for individuals to ensure against future legal costs more efficiently. After that event, thousands of Americans families have to look up to this organization in order to have a decent legal representation but without throwing away their whole budget, since their service relies on a monthly membership rather than fees per hour or per day.

The many situations in which LegalShield has worked on:

  • Landlord issues: Problems with the actual owners of the house you are renting are extremely common, LegalShield helps by intermediating and professionally reviewing your lease.
  • Consumer finance: All in regards to debts, frauds, audits and so many more.
  • Accidents: Because anything can happen behind the wheel.
  • Estate planning: Examining your will and many other personal statements, professionally and properly.
  • Real estate: Buying or selling, LegalShield works by focusing on the tiniest details of the whole process.
  • Employment: This area encompasses massive layoffs, unfair treatment and so much more.
  • Crime: Helping you build the best case with the most competitive legal defense on the industry.

According to the official website, businesses and people have their own plans with the same set of principles. Now open for the mobile world thanks to an app that carries most of the legal needs right into your pocket.

Join an outstanding community of coverage with well acquainted and personally invested lawyers on your case, click here to know more about LegalShield.

Looking For a Lawyer? Find the Right One With LegalShield

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