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Thinking about becoming a new homeowner? Through talking with colleagues about the landscape of home ownership today, we came up with a serious conclusion: You need to consider all the options available once you choose your next place to live. Many clients we have encountered tend to ignore major opportunities that come across their path.

Never is it too late for a new homeowner to sit and think in all the possibilities that can help you achieve that dream of buying a house.  The more patient you can become the better it’ll be for your budget and your health (believe me) since this endeavor takes a lot of effort and good planning.

In previous articles we have discussed specific points about the most beneficial habits to revamp your credit score, the potential of a rent-to-own relationship with a seller, the details to know about credit repair, and so much more. This time I’ll share with you various insights that were extremely useful for me and a large number of clients and friends, all in regards to the improvement of your scenario as a future homeowner, let’s start.

New Homeowner-Professional Help and the Proper Steps

In the most straightforward way, you need to pair yourself with a friend/fiduciary in the real estate business. This is one of the best pieces of advice. That person will be able to provide the best information about the industry, your possibilities and your current credit/financial situation.

The hands of an expert can develop a path to success aligned to your new homeowner needs in order to help you keep account balances low, dispute any legitimate errors on reports, pay current accounts and to save money for down payment or closing costs. The latter being one of the most common hurdles to overcome.

The Checkpoint

Once you have reached a high enough credit score thanks to the good decisions you’ve made, along with professional help, you can become eligible for down payment assistance. In this phase, you need to talk to your realtor about the programs and initiatives that best fit your specific position. There are plenty of opportunities for you to choose, with 100 percent financing, no mortgage insurance and more advantages that’ll help you save money and time.

At the AFTHA Program, we have developed a wide range of solutions for first-time home buyers, helping them to succeed when opportunities were scarce. Join the club and get the professional assistance you need to make that dream become a reality. Contact us at (844) 213-2201 or write to to get started today!

New Homeowner—Here’s A Few Things You Need to Know for 2019

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