Our Promise

AFTHA's Promise to You:

We understand the struggles of bad credit, low funds for down payments, and trying to understand how to get into a better position may be hard for you and your family.

We have created a program designed for those who need a friend in the industry.

Who We Are:

The AFTHA Program was created with the sole intention of helping those struggling to get ahead in every day life situations due to the lack of knowing about educational materials, programs available, and guiding our families we help into the best hands in the industry based on individual circumstances. Some of our clients are ready to buy, some need a bit of credit repair, some appreciate our free weekly content we publish on our blog that provides the latest industry related info and tips, and others need help with other aspects of their financial position.

Since 2017 We have helped thousands of families

become home owners who are ready to buy and just unsure which companies to partner with that will take care of them along the way. If you are not ready to buy, that is okay! We have developed long term relationships with the top credit repair companies in the nation that provide top notch service for a very affordable rate. Regardless of your circumstance, AFTHA is here as a friend in the industry where we act as a guiding light for you throughout every step of your process.

How Our Program
Benefits You:

The cost of the AFTHA Program is completely free. At no point in time will you be charged for any service AFTHA provides. We provide blogs, email news letters, a personal real estate adviser that acts as your case manager and more, all for no cost to you.

There are certain circumstances where an individuals credit score needs some professional credit repair, and only in those situations are clients referred to the credit repair firms and charged a very affordable partnered rate due to AFTHA's nationwide relationship with these firms. Throughout the credit repair process we are still here to answer any questions,

help provide supporting information about programs, and also make sure you have the latest content related to your situation compiled for you as well.


 Once you become ready to obtain loan approval, we then are able to provide you information about the best lenders to work with that provide the assistance programs unique to your situation in your area, and also make sure you get teamed up with a real estate agent who will work hard to make sure you get the best deal once under negotiations. After purchasing your home, 

or becoming positively affected by our free service, as well as partnered solutions, we ask that you continue to follow our story. The financial and real estate industry are always evolving, and we make it a priority to provide the best information out there for each and everyone of our clients to be able to make strong and informed financial decisions.

How To
Get Started:

Our real estate advisers are ready to go over your specific details and provide you information about the options that are available to you in your area, and also a path to be able to qualify for these benefits. The call is free, and no obligation is required on your end financially or with any commitment on your end.

Everyone has a unique situation, as mentioned above, some families are in need of credit repair from one of our partnered professional firms who will get them positive results, while others may be in a position who are ready to buy. No matter what your situation is, The AFTHA Program is here to help you along the way.

Use the button below to get in touch with one of the advisers who can help you decide which route will be best for you and your family to be able to achieve financial freedom!

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