Remember when buying a house was the end-goal for many, if not for most of the people? Well, let me tell you something: Times are changing, and they are changing fast. Right now, more and more baby-boomers, and also millennials, see themselves renting, and not owning as much as we used to think. 

But why is this happening? Easy, living under rent is more flexible for this new demographic of homebuyers, as they tend to value the virtues of mobility, fewer burdens in regards to maintenance and taxes, and also they want to feel a deeper sense of community. All of these demands, were not very popular twenty years ago, but now, they are a trend, and a strong one.

Let’s talk more directly. Do you think this story relates to the experience you are living right now? Are you one of those tired homeowners? Do you want to have a more relaxed lifestyle? Without any hassle or headache stepping on your way? We hate bureaucracy too, and if your answer is a resounding yes, then we are totally ready to help, pay attention.

Duties Come First

Before deciding, we’ll need to make a solid research about the desired property. Checking on websites, taking notes, calling friends, asking for help, visiting the place and the neighborhood. We know, it’s not easy, and if it were, everybody would be able to do it, simple as that. 

Understand that this is not only about the home in question, we’re talking about everything that surrounds it. A crucial factor that will have a lasting impact on your life, while staying there. So, make sure to inspect everything, going from the overall structure, to the available amenities.

Now, taxes. When you go from place A to B (owning to renting), your fiscal profile will be the target of many changes. Is worth remembering that items like property taxes, and mortgage interest can be tax deductible, only if you are the owner of a property. But when you step aside from that context in order to sign a lease, you automatically lose this advantage.

To avoid any wrongdoings, be sure to hire a financial planner, and ask all the questions you have in mind. These experts will make sure to review the relevant aspects, like extra costs, utilities, retirement savings, parking, monthly spending, and much more. Providing the best solutions and alternatives if necessary.

Enjoy Your Time

Renting has its limits, for sure; but you need to live the experience at full, in order to reap the benefits in the long-run. Take care of the relationship between you and the landlord, talk to him/her about the property, and make healthy proposals in regards to its customization, he/she will understand your feelings towards the home, and can be more open to your ideas. 

This new lifestyle also has its perks, not having to be literally worried about leaks, malfunctions, or emergency repairs is like a breath of fresh air, allows you to be more focused on the things that matter. At AFTHA we help hundreds of clients every month, taking them from place A to B fast and effectively, making the process simpler, more enjoyable and cohesive. Want to talk with one of our experts? Call now to (833) 478-1396, or write us an email to

Just Sold? AFTHA Will Help You Go From Owning to Renting!

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