At the AFTHA program

we are proud to provide support to those American families who wish to buy a new home 

by overcoming the difficulties

between the financial gap

and financial success.

AFTHA's mission is to help people who have been struggling for a long time in order to become homeowners, and are unable to afford the expenses necessary to manage this acquisition. 

Normally, it takes 10-11 months to buy a house, let’s make that shorter.

Offering a universally comprehensive service for those who need it the most, we help them by improving their credit history, while sharing extremely valuable information about interest rates, fiscal/government policy and so much more.

On the other hand, we’ve created solid partnerships with the most relevant programs available in the United States, just take a look at some of them.


NLIHC – Resource Library

(National Low Income Housing Coalition) resource library that offers publications, tools, research, and reports related to advocacy work on housing programs for low-income families.

This page of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, covers rental assistance and has links to information on rights and responsibilities for tenants, while other pages have information on affordable housing.


This page of the Department of the Treasury’s OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) has information on low-income housing tax credit program plus links to various housing organizations.

Community Power Network

Site with information about solar power for low-income communities, the politics surrounding the situation, and more.

Food & Health

 This government website provides a table of wage indicators that calculates whether a household is eligible to receive the lowest rates for health insurance.

The Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) branch of the USDA has a number of food assistance programs including WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Plan)

Provides all the information you may need about Medicaid CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Plan) and other health-related programs for children.

It specializes in publishing information on government food initiatives and programs related to hunger and poverty.


Need Help Paying Bills

Website that assembles a wide range of links to state and local aid programs, debt counseling, charitable assistance, health care, and more. – Financial Help

A guide to financial help for low-income individuals and families

Seniors Resource Guide

Here you will find federal, state and local options for low and moderate-income seniors.


(Council for Adult and Experiential Learning), a site that describes initiatives to provide job training and education to low-income or unemployed people. – Low Income Credit Unions

Site that provides information on a variety of credit unions (LICUs, CDCUs) suitable for members with low-income. – Low-Income Car Insurance

Valuable information about states that have government-sponsored car insurance for low-income families. – My Low-Income Lifestyle

A very interesting outlook at some of the habits, culture and solutions found by the author, while coping with a low-income phase. Lifeline

The linked page on the site has info for affordable telephone service options for low-income subscribers under the lifeline program.


(American Association of Retired Persons), low-income assistance page that has links to articles about tax help, income assistance and more.

Women, Children, Babies

Many resources for single mothers as well as statistics on single parenting.


A wide variety of info on tax, grants, assistance, education and job programs and initiatives for single mothers.

(National Women’s Law Center) monitors laws and policies favoring women and families, and has a poverty and income support section that contains articles and reports about available family support programs,

Not specifically about low-income resources, but works to increase opportunities in the workplace for working women.

(Institute for Women’s Policy Research) discusses policy and the status of women in the US, in regards to jobs, education, paid leave and equal pay.

Great tools for the hard-working American, a promising future is yet to come.

Our days are brighter when there is a satisfied customer, that is why we are always looking out for the best solutions in order to help American families throughout this beautiful journey.

 You don’t need to go alone, searching for something that will take months if not years to complete, our experts are willing and totally able to assist you, whether it is for buying, selling or renting a home, credit repair, rent-to-own and so much more.

Your financial difficulties are not impossible to overcome, that won’t happen to you, let’s build a strong relationship in which improvement is key on all aspects, learn to fulfill your dreams one step at a time, and enjoy long-term results that will change your life, starting now.