Entering 2019: FED’s Interest Rates Will Continue to Rise.

A considerable amount of uncertainty around the Federal Reserve is now present, due to a slowdown in the national economy within the last two quarters, this has forced the government to raise its benchmark rate just last week. While it is known that the Fed does not handle mortgage rates, we can assure that their […]

Fixed Vs. Adjustable Mortgage Rate — Which is Better?

Anxious to get a mortgage that suits your needs? You need to know some specific terms in the mortgage selection process. These are two of the main ones: Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) and fixed rate mortgage. The difference between both mortgage loans is that in the first case, the interest rate is fixed when you […]

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Mortgage Rates Are On The Rise. Find Out How To Get The Best Rates!

Mortgage rates currently have people getting concerned about today’s weakened purchasing power when buying a new house is totally understandable, following that dream is not easy. Mortgage rates in the 1980’s averaged a +10 percent annually and decreased by 6-8 percent in the mid-1990’s, this year the number is 5 percent. Nobody wants to depend […]

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Top Real Estate Markets Are a Reflection of the US Housing Landscape

Top real estate markets experienced a number of peaks During the first months of 2018. Home sales suffered a 1.2 percent decrease in comparison with the same eight-month period of last year. Meanwhile, prices are increasing nationwide, slowly but gaining a 4.6 percent resulting in a median price above $260,000, the National Association of Realtors […]

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High Tech Real Estate in the Age of Millennials—Meet the Innovations.

High tech real estate can change the real estate industry. With millennials being more accustomed to smartphones and internet purchases than any previous generation (Baby Boomers, Generation X), this demographic is now responsible for 45 percent of all homebuyer offers in the United States, and all these actions come with a price, the incursion of […]