Identify the 4 Signals to Stop Losing Money in Real Estate Now

Buying a home is one of the most critical decisions and probably the most significant investment in most people’s lives. However, mistakes are often made.  Buying a house means making a considerable financial effort and sometimes, we are tied to a mortgage for a good part of our life. You don’t buy a house overnight, […]

Foreclosure Auctions: How to Find, Take Action and the Proper Steps

A foreclosure auction is a legal procedure in which a foreclosed property is sold, in contrast with a conventional sale. Here a referee named by the court is invited to carry out the operation, turning the home in question over to the new owner. This activity allows the borrower to lend money from the lender, […]

Find The Best Real Estate Deals With Pre-Foreclosures — Learn The Best Tactics

A pre-foreclosure home is a property that is likely to face an asset sale embargo because there are outstanding mortgage payments to be done but has not been foreclosed by the lender yet. In other words, this is the moment before the foreclosure and auction of the house happens, in which the homeowner still has […]

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The Biggest Home Buying Mistake is to Not be Fully Prepared — Understand Closing Costs

For anyone preparing to enter into a mortgage transaction, whether buying or refinancing, the issue of closing costs is vital.  Even when your mortgage advisor mentions them or reads in the offers that the developer is willing to assume part of them, the client has in mind that in addition to the prompt payment, there […]

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First time home buyers: The Generation That is Struggling to Invest

First time home buyers: The Truth Behind the Struggling Population:   First time home buyers are the ones having harsher difficulties at saving money for a new home, due to their laid-back attitude and a widely spread perspective that sees them as weak-willed. But according to recent reports, Generation X bearers (those whose birthday is […]