The Many Factors You May Encounter Behind a Foreclosure

First of all, a foreclosure is the procedure by which the mortgagee can collect a debt, if the debtor fails to meet its obligation to pay the installments. If the defaults are between three and six monthly deadlines, the bank initiates a foreclosure process in which not only claims those arrears, but the total amount […]

Bank Owned Properties are a Great Deal — You Need to Know Why

If you are currently in an excellent position to buy a home, you have probably thought of buying a house from a bank, in other words, a home that has been repossessed by a financial institution. The general population tends to think that using this type of operation is extremely easy, buy a house for […]

Foreclosure Auctions: How to Find, Take Action and the Proper Steps

A foreclosure auction is a legal procedure in which a foreclosed property is sold, in contrast with a conventional sale. Here a referee named by the court is invited to carry out the operation, turning the home in question over to the new owner. This activity allows the borrower to lend money from the lender, […]