AFTHA’s Guide to Buy Your First Home — Part II

A couple of days ago, we shared the first segment of a three-part guide, that you should not miss before reading this new piece. There, we exposed many of the hidden truths, and basic principles of the entire home buyers journey, starting with the real meaning behind loans, credit scores and financial honesty. Now, we […]

Buying a Home “as is” Can be Scary — Here Are The Things You Need to Know

Anyone who wants to sell a home will try to apply “some makeup” to it, in the best possible way in order to ask for more money, something pretty common in this business. That’s why you don’t have to get overwhelmed by the decoration, the excellent condition of the paint or the superficial appearance that […]

AFTHA Launches New Site Dedicated to Those Looking for a Place to Call Home

Change and renovation are two of the most important catalysts in the real estate business, the first pushes you to a new reality, one in which the needs of the client are in first place, most of the times disrupted by technological innovation and groundbreaking business models. The latter is our response to the alterations, […]