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Curtis Maddox

I found out about AFTHA’s free educational resources a while ago, with the intention of improving my credit score through comprehensive long-term planning. And after a series of extensive efforts that provided incredible results, I met Ryan Burdziak and his team at The AFTHA Program.

 They not only exceeded my expectations, they made my dream of homeownership a reality, something (that at some point) I saw really far from being done. A top-notch, friendly and totally professional experience I would re-live again if needed.

Curtis Maddox

Some things are non-negotiable, and for the first time I feel I can enjoy my marriage at the fullest, without worrying about not having a permanent place to live with my wife. AFTHA came to my life when I needed them the most, helping me get the security, stability and shelter for my future dreams of progress. I'll be forever grateful with that team of experts and professionals, who made it easy for me and many other families.


Living as a single mother of 5 I have always dreamed of having a house with our own backyard, but was always living check to check...and I'm about to check my emails now.. thanks to AFTHA my family is able to have HAPPY HOLIDAY'S for years to come🎄🎄🎄😊